Inkling Predictions

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Read and make predictions about virtually any topic!

Inkling Predictions takes advantage of the "wisdom of the crowd" to make predictions about whats going to happen in the future in sports, politics, entertainment, science, technology, and lots of other topics.

-Will a player be traded to another team?
-Who will win an election?
-What character will be next to be kicked off a show?
-What team will win the upcoming tournament?
-What will the price of gas be in a given month?

How it Works
When you sign up, we give you 5,000 of fantasy money. You use that money to make bets. The stronger you feel about a prediction, the more you spend. We monitor everyones bets and come up with a prediction like "Theres a 1% chance the Cubs will win the World Series this year" or "Theres a 90% chance Tom Cruise will jump on a couch again on TV by the end of 2013."

- Easy signup, just need a working email address
- Search for any topic to see or make a prediction
- Manage your predictions in a portfolio style interface
- A leader board to show who has made the most money
- Profile view to show how much youre worth, how much your portfolio of predictions is worth, and how much you have left to make predictions